You are required to select an organisation, product or service with which you are familiar. Please choose an organisation from the local area. No multinationals.

Having selected your ‘client’ you should produce a proposal for a piece of marketing research relating to this organisation, e.g. its product or service.

Where to get ideas?

Look around you for ideas: advertisements, newspaper articles, magazines, academic journals, the Internet etc. N.B. As an appendix to your proposal please also include an explanation of why you chose the organisation, product or service and why you think this presents a need for marketing research. Use secondary data to justify.

Your research proposal should include the following:

  • A clear statement of the marketing problem that you wish to research on behalf of the client.
  • A brief definition of the organisation/product/service to be researched.
  • Justification of why this research information will be useful and how it will

assist in marketing decision making.

  • The question that your research will seek to answer
  • The population to be sampled
  • What you will measure (beliefs, expectations, attitudes, motivations,

classifications of buyers etc.) and what data will you collect

  • An indication of the Methodology to be used.
  • An estimate of the time and cost to undertake the research.

Assessment criteria: (assignment 1 is worth 40% of your mark for this module)

  • Demonstration of an understanding of the characteristics of the marketing

research proposal which, where relevant, is supported by reference to appropriate literature and academic models.

  • The extent to which your proposal is convincing as to the need for market research and the extent to which the proposed research will meet the research need.
  • Is the methodology chosen consistent with the question to be answered?
  • Is the research reasonable and achievable?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q) Do I write this assignment like a normal essay?
  2. A) No. This is a research proposal and should be written accordingly. In the lecture we went through the relevant sections of a research proposal and you will also find further detail on what should be included in most marketing research text books.
  3. Q) Do I need to refer to any literature?
  4. A) Yes, as advised you should demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of the marketing research proposal by reference to the appropriate literature and academic models. You should also use secondary data where applicable e.g. to provide an overview of the market, or to highlight the customer demographic that the organisation may wish to sample.
  5. Q) How precise does the estimate of time and cost have to be?
  6. A) I am looking for a rough but realistic estimate. You do not have to come up with numbers that are accurate to pence and minutes, but you should be able to give a ball park figure. For example, give an indication of how long your research will take to complete (will it be months, weeks, days, hours etc.) then, be creative, how much would it cost to hire a market researcher to do the work (use your research skills to find this out!) or use yourself as the researcher, what would your hourly/daily/monthly rate be. I am not so concerned about your figures being precise but with the process you have gone through to arrive at your final figures, so want to see that you have thought about the scale of your research, what it will involve, and whether what you are proposing is “realistic” both in terms of time and cost.


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