Answer the below questions:

1-Please write the difference and examples between coccus, bacillus, and vibrio.

2-What is a Nosocomial or a Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI)? Please write three examples.

3-Why viruses are not considered living structures?

4-Who was Carolus Linnaeus? What was his best contribution to Microbiology?

5-What is a Microbiota? Why are they important in our body?

6-What is a Primary Infectious Disease? What is a Secondary Infectious Disease? Please write examples of both types of Primary and Secondary infectious diseases?

7-Why is still important the knowledge of Gram stain? Which dyes are used in this type of coloration?

8-Who was Dr. Edward Jenner? What was his best contribution to Medicine?

9-Acute Infection, Chronic Infection, and Latent Infection. Please define each of them, and please write examples of them.

10-What is Herd Immunity? How is it possible to increase it in our current Pandemic of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 infection)

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