Read the following two articles:
From CIOInsight entitled ‘How Analytics Saved Sunny Delight $1M ’ by Shawn Roberts, VP and CIO of Sunny Delight.
From CIO entitled ‘How Sunny Delight juices up sales with cloud-based analytics ’ by Clint Boulton.

Write a 2 page double-spaced paper (no need to follow any writing format such as MLA or APA) addressing the following questions:

Is it surprising that a small company such as Sunny Delight could end up with so many different analytics tools?

How did Sunny Delight end up with so many analytics tools?

What are the trade-offs of moving to an enterprise-level analytics solution for individual employees who may have grown accustomed to working with their own customized solutions for generating data?

Gartner reported that most businesses will have access to some sort of self-service BI tool within the next few years. However Gartner estimated that less than 10% will have sufficient data governance practices in place to prevent data inconsistencies across the organization. Why do you think so many companies invest in BI solutions while ignoring governance programs to ensure data consistency?

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