Review the Moving Upstream: How Interventions That Address the Social Determinants of Health Can Improve Health and Reduce Disparities article, watch the Unnatural Causes: Place Matters (30 min.) video and then, complete the written assignment.

For your assignment answer the following questions after watching the film, organize your assignment in a series of well-structured Body Paragraphs, making certain to address the following content in an order that effectively develops your ideas (do not use bullet points):

Summarize the Unnatural Causes: Place Matters
When we think about the environment, we usually think about air pollution, water quality, or toxic waste. What other things in our neighborhood environments might also affect our health?

How does the film support or contradict the neighborhood factors you listed in the Neighborhood Features Table harm or promote health? What other factors could you add?

Why do some neighborhoods expose residents to factors that are protective of health, while others expose residents to factors that can threaten their health?

What public policy and private investment decisions have shaped the two neighborhoods in the film?

What could be done to improve these neighborhoods in the future so they better promote residents’ health and wellbeing?
After watching the film, suggest additions or changes to the Place Matters Discussion in light of what you have just learned.

Include features that protect and promote health and wellbeing (Positives), not only risk factors (Negatives).

Keep in mind that the Place Matters Discussion thread is the sum total of all student postings, not just the information you added. Therefore, you should suggest additions and changes to the table when viewed as a whole, not just to what you added to the table.

Explain, in detail, how the suggested additions or changes would improve the health of your neighborhood.

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