Critical Analysis Lab and Discussion Board: Education’s Death Valley

After watching the video, “How to Escape Education’s Death Valley” (, answer and discuss the following:
1. Briefly describe the three principles he argues are crucial for the human mind to flourish.
2. How does the current educational system in the United States contradict these principles? (use both the video and textbook to support all claims made in your discussion)
3. What does he suggest we need to do to improve our educational system?
4. Evaluate his suggestions. Do you think they can work and how might that look? What else do you think could be done to solve problems with the institution of education? (as always, back up all claims with evidence (data) to support your ideas).

Minimum requirements: Initial post, 2-3 complete paragraphs. Questions 1-3 can likely be answered in one paragraph, question four in one-two paragraphs.

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