1.) Written Assignment Requirements:
12 pt. Times New Roman
Double Space
All margins must be one inch each
A health club decided recently to offer a yearly membership. Separate fees would be charged for nutrition counseling, tennis court use, and aerobic instruction. How might this organization implement: (a) a prestige pricing strategy? (b) a bundled price strategy? and (c) price lines?
In a one page or more summary, discuss pricing strategies and how this organization can implement each of the named pricing strategies. Be as detailed as possible.

2.) Discussion Questions
1. Why is it necessary to consult a travel medicine clinic well in advance of traveling?
2. What is a BMI and what BMI is considered normal? What are some measures one can take to lose weight?
3. What are some programs that enhance health that you might expect to find at a wellness center?
4. What is the difference between peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis?
5. What can society do to encourage organ donation?

3.) Visit the Mississippi State Department of Health website at www.healthyms.com
Find two programs or services of interest that are offered by the Mississippi State Department of Health and write two paragraphs about each of the programs you chose.

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