Answer any TEN of the following questions.

1. Describe human eye in terms of focal length, iris and sensor.
2. How does a camera lens differ from human eye?
3. Define the term focal length.
4. Define the term field of view.
5. Explain with mathematics if there is a relationship between the focal length and the field of view of a lens and if so how.
6. What parameters of a video system determine the parameter named magnification?
7. Describe the concept of lens finder kit.
8. Define the term f-number.
9. Describe what parameters of a lens affect the light input to the camera sensor and how.
10. Compare the features of manual iris and automatic iris camera systems.
11. Explain the principle of operation of an auto-focus lens.
12. What is a stabilized lens? Cite an application of stabilized lens.
13. Compare between vari-focal lens and zoom lens.
14. How does a motorized zoom lens work?
15. What is a pinhole lens? why would you use a pinhole lens?
16. Describe the principle of fiber-optic lens.
17. Describe the principle of tri-focal image splitting lens.
18. What is a relay lens? What is use of a relay lens?

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