Explore common childhood behavioral disorders. Create a blog post that presents an introduction to one common childhood behavioral disorder. This blog entry should focus on the specific disorder and any information that parents would need to know about the behavior disorder. Imagine this blog post would be for the website of a parent blog such as Empowering Parents (click hyperlink)

In your blog entry, be sure to address the following:

  • Define and classify the progression of the specific behavioral disorder; be sure to include the symptoms.
  • Explain why parents should have a good understanding of the behavior disorder.
  • Explain the sociobiological influences that could contribute to the behavioral disorder (for example, what might be the role that the family environment or school may have on the development or maintenance of this disorder?).
  • Explain what the current research states about the specific behavioral disorder.
  • Provide a developmental progression of the disorder and place in context (for example, it is typical for a child in day care or preschool to mess her pants, but it is not typical for the child to do this when she is in third grade).

Length of Blog Post: 10 paragraphs

Resources: Included a minimum of four scholarly resources

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