The assigned short papers will prepare you for your final culminating project. Each paper will research a specific topic linked to the final culminating project. Papers will consist of 3-5 pages of content, using a formal writing style based on APA 6th edition, 7th printing guidelines. The title page, table of contents, reference page or pages, appendices are not counted as content.

PESTEL Analysis: You will perform an external analysis using the PESTEL framework to think through a logical set of reasons for strategic expansion into a foreign market.

What is the foreign market’s environment as related to the PESTEL framework?
What factors in the PESTEL framework are most important when entering the foreign market and why?

Use the following
Company is Eeges, it is a local company in Tucson and I know it is not in any foreign country because the are only right now in Tucson. I plan to expand its offerings into Mexico and the Caribbeans, because it best for hot all summer long countries.

Identify the Country: United States – Tucson

Company: Eegees

Company Product: Eegees

Foreign market: Mexico and Caribbeans


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