Visibility,Traceability,Data management and Supplier relations used to be the biggest challenges facing supply chain professionals. However, over the last 15 months, uncontrollable factors like COVID-19 have merged with technological evolutions to create a number of new supply chain dynamics.

In this context please answer the following questions:

Discuss the relationship between service level, uncertainty, safety stock,and order quantity. How can trade-offs between these elements be made.

Discuss and the role warehouses play in your logistics in the context of the growth of e-commerce and digital transformation.

Discuss and compare Lean vs Agile Supply Chain and suggest the best option, justifying your suggestion
Which type of operations and supply chain environment do you think would have a more difficult time managing change from external factors—an environment supporting standardized products/services or one supporting customized products/services? Why?

According to recent study, 72% of consumer product organizations and 58% of retailers are actively investing in regionalizing or localizing their manufacturing base or near shoring production to prevent future disruption. What is your suggestion as Supply Chain Manager. What are the implications in Transportation, Warehousing and Inventory?

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Font size 12
2500 words
Harvard Referencing System
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