#1–What is the general concept of Manifest Destiny? What few specific events or general developments adversely impacted Native Americans, Mexicans and Hispanos (Californios, Tejanos) during the years 1835-1860? Lastly, what are some of the lingering consequences of Manifest Destiny today?

#2–How does the U.S. Constitution guarantee no branch of the federal government will become too powerful? What are the major powers of each branch? How do the Bill of Rights guarantee basic liberties to US citizens? What is a current issue related to the Constitution? (can include the Bil lof Rights or powers of government)

#3–How did John Muir become such a prominent figure in the late 19th Century conservation movement? What was going on in the US during that period that necessitated environmental protection? What other prominent Americans were involved in revering and protecting nature in this era? What was Muir’s involvement with the Sierra Club and what are some of his accomplishments that can still be appreciated today?

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