As noted in the EEOC transcript/tutorial, candidates for the Director of HR position of the newly merged company, ZAB, are being asked to prepare a presentation about Title VII, as it pertains specifically to disparate impact and disparate treatment policies that should be implemented to avoid liability for potential Title VII violations. Do research to prepare for your presentation, and write a brief set of answers to the following questions:

The difference between a disparate impact and a disparate treatment claim;

The complaint procedure for a disparate impact and a disparate treatment claim as it pertains to the EEOC;

The defenses available to the company should a disparate impact claim and/or a disparate treatment claim be lodged against ZAB; and suggestions for avoiding potential EEOC claims and complaints.

Your assignment should be between 500-750 words in length. Must use the the above 4 questions as your heading for each paragraph with an introduction and conclusion.You must also properly cite your sources using APA format. Only use scholarly references within the United States.

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