The required minimum length of your discussion post is one paragraph for each question, which is between 100-200 words, or 5-6 sentences. However, the grade will be primarily based on the originality, unity, order, coherence, and completeness of your idea.

1. The use of drugs by musicians of the 1960s, a tradition they inherited from the older blues and jazz players, led to the birth of psychedelic music and culture. How did this music influence the development of recording studio techniques as well as musical structure?

2. Many of the progressive rock musicians, unlike the previous generation of 60s rockers, had studied at universities, often in the classical music program.

3. Do you think that the reason progressive rock is not broadly popular today is due to the decline in the quality of education and ‘thinking’ in our contemporary society, or is it simply because most people just want to rock out and dance, instead of being challenged into “listening” to the music?
Do you feel that short-attention-span and immediate gratification, common characteristics of our times, have a role in this?

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