Answer any TEN of the following questions:

1. Describe the concept of automated video surveillance.
2. How does NDVR work and how is it different from DVR?
3. Describe the technique of power over Ethernet.
4. Describe the principle of PSTN-ISDN link.
5. Compare between different wireless netowrks.
6. How do you define the quality of a digital video? Name the characteristic parameters of digital video.
7. Describe the principle of video signal compression.
8. Compare between losless and lossy compression techniques.
9. Compare between direct cosine transform and discrete wavelet transform.
10. Name different configurations of wireless networks. Describe any one of them.
11. Describe the principle of spread spectrum modulation technique.
12. Discuss the security issues in wired and wireless video transmission.
13. Describe how a network camera is different from a regular camera.
14. Describe the principle of network camera address.
15. What is a video server? What are its functions?

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