Throughout our tour of British literature, we have covered approximately 1200 years of literature from these eight periods. Taking one of your favorite works from one of these periods, analyze why you liked the work and how the work exemplifies the characteristics of British literature:

14th and 15th Centuries
16th Century, 1485-1603
Early 17th Century, 1603-1660
The Restoration and 18th Century, 1660-1785
The Romantics, 1785-1830
The Victorians, 1830-1901
The 20th Century

Expressing yourself succinctly and concisely, choose one of the following topics and write a response of approximately 400-600 words (approximately three-five paragraphs). Use only the primary sources (the literary selections themselves) for your essay. Instead, examine the topic from your own perspective. You may quote, summarize, or paraphrase from the primary sources. A bibliography (such as a Works Cited list) is not required. Please copy your response into the text box. You may use the default font family and font size. Do not send an attachment as it cannot be accessed.

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