Part 1: Crisis Intervention
1. List and describe five (5) indicators of conditions/symptoms according to DSM-IV-TR necessary for a diagnosis of PTSD
2. List and describe two (2) characteristics in each category (indicators).
3. List and describe three (3) specific symptoms in children
4. Do you know anyone with PTSD (Yes). Please share a brief description of the case.

Part 2: Crisis Intervention
Topic: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
1. Introduction (1/2 page-No more)
2. What is PTSD? (1 page)
3. PTSD Statistics a bout women, men, children and older population (1/2 page)
4. Diagnostic criteria / Categorization according to DSM-IV-TR (1/2 page)
5. Physiological Responses(1/2 page)
6. Maladaptive Patterns (1/2 page)
7. Interventions / Treatments (1 page)
a. Pharmacological
b. non-pharmacological
8. Management of PTSD (1 page)
a. Behaviors
b. Family considerations
c. Challenges in the care of patients with this disorder.
9. Examine EBP nursing theories: ( 1 page)
a. EBP nursing theories that support the identification of clinical problems
b. EBP nursing theories support the implementation of nursing skills in the care of adults with this disorder.
10. Conclusion (1/2 page-No more)


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