Write a two page essay answering the following questions:

Why is place important to geographers, and to who we are as individuals and as groups?

How were you influenced by the physical environment of the place where you grew up?

How did the culture, economics, and politics of the place where you grew up influence you?

Was this a rural or urban place? Was it diverse, or homogeneous? Was it full of access to nature or a concrete jungle? Middle class, working class, or a wealthy, gated community?

Did you move when you were young, and if so, how were the places you lived different?

Note: this essay should demonstrate more careful analysis and application of a geographic lens than your discussion board post.

This is a formal essay. You may also use external resources about the place you are writing about. Since you are writing about your own experience of place, you may use the first person (I or me) in this essay.

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