Who can be found guilty of business crime and what is the key to establishing a conviction for a business crime? Research an example business crime in the last year and provide the facts and penalty imposed.  Please post an example that NO ONE has yet posted about in the discussion thread.

When it comes to crime committed in the workplace and privacy protection, do private-sector employees have a reasonable expectation of privacy while at work? What about public-sector employees? Why or why not? What is the test for the tort of invasion of privacy when assessing whether a violation has occurred per the [US v. KING] case?

Today, management can monitor employees and productivity in the workplace. Can management today utilize social media information when it comes to hiring decisions? What about firing an employee? Do you agree or disagree with the practice and…is it legal? Provide your thoughts and research on this issue.

Please substantiate your answers and cite sources at the bottom of your discussion answers.

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