Curious about your digital footprint? Curious about what Google knows about you? Curious about how we regularly volunteer information about ourselves when we sign up for “free” services?

With the Online Privacy Assignment, you will be able to assess your digital footprint, and reflect upon how you can minimize it, and how you can protect yourself online.

Privacy is becoming a component of a competitive advantage for organizations, and reflecting upon your experiences with privacy (as you fish for traces of yourself on the internet) will prepare you for a future where you are responsible for how an organization handles the privacy of its customers.

What should be included in your submission?

Submit as a Microsoft Word document – no .pages or .PDF.

Answers to the following questions:

What does privacy mean to you (consider ethics as you think through this)? (200-300 words)

How can you manage your digital footprint? (200-300 words)

What legal structures are surfacing regarding privacy? Tip: consider privacy in the U.S. and globally – it isn’t the same! (consider looking for more information on GDPR and CCPA). Is privacy the same everywhere? Give examples (200-300 words)

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