• Correctly use adverb clauses and transitions to show the relationship between the ideas in your sentences.
  • Correctly use present tense, past tense, present perfect tense and past perfect tense verbs.
  • Correctly use academic vocabulary.


First paragraph:

Summarize the folktale Momotaro.

Second paragraph:

Summarize the folktale Pecos Bill.

Third paragraph:

Tell the cultural value in Momotaro and tell the cultural value in Pecos Bill. Be specific! Tell the two opposite cultural values. (Use adverb clauses or transitions to show contrast).

After you tell the two different cultural values, explain how each folktale teaches its opposite cultural value. Explain how the different behavior and actions of each hero show the importance of the cultural value. Give one or two specific examples from the folktales to support your points about each hero. (Use adverb clauses or transitions to show contrast).

Fourth paragraph:

Tell what you think people can learn about Japanese culture and American culture from these folktales.

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