Discussion 1
Select a crisis situation. After watching the video on that crisis situation, write about the situation you chose and why you chose it. Include a short summary of the video you watched, clearly describing the crisis situation and discuss why you think an anthropological perspective would be beneficial to examining your chosen crisis situation.

Discussion 2
how have historical developments for food production impacted modern-day life? Also, think about your own life. How has food production impacted the things you do today?

Discussion 3
imagine you have been invited to speak for three minutes about climate change at a local environmental rally. In your post, draft five points of speaking notes on how environmental changes affected human biological and/or cultural evolution during the Paleolithic and what that can tell us about how climate change might be impacting people today. Make sure that you include a point or two on why you believe climate change affected human evolution and/or cultural evolution or why you think it has not.

The following are examples of speaking notes:
Climate change affected the animals that survived. Early hominins had to build better tools to hunt the ones that survived.
Because humans came into more contact with larger mammals, they required more efficient tools to hunt these animals.
Your own notes must not replicate these examples.

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