Download and read the Fact Pattern for State v. Lauren.
For purposes of this exercise, base your answers on the Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE).

Discuss the evidentiary issues that arise in State v. Lauren. In discussing these legal issues, be clear about the evidentiary rule of law, citing the applicable rule. Apply facts from the case to the law and come to a conclusion on the evidentiary issue.

In addition to legal rules, you should discuss at least four relevant cases researched for this project insofar as they are relevant to the legal issue raised in this case.

Distinguish and/or use analogy to compare the facts from the researched cases to the facts in this case.
Apply best practices for the organization of your essay: consider addressing each issue with a clear heading or subheading as necessary.

While writing your project, be sure to remain objective—that is, don’t sway to one side or the other without clear justification. Consider all possible arguments and issues that could be raised with each piece of evidence. Precision is key in addressing legal rules of evidence.

Be sure to address the applicable burdens raised in this case.

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