PART 1: Choose a colonist’s side (American patriot or loyalist) and explain your attitude towards Great Britain prior to and during the Revolutionary War. Use examples to support your position.

You are not expected to use outside sources beyond your text, however if you do, be sure to properly cite them.


Think of a third possible theme that you might apply to the topic of the American Civil War.


How do Eli Landers’s letters reflect nationalistic identity or culture?


According to Drew Faust, what cultural trend affected the outcome of the war for the South?


What does Colonel Spiegel’s address suggest about the culture of the war in the North?

Timeline of selected events of the American Civil War.
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What effect did the American Civil War have on the populations of the North and the South, according to the timeline?

PART 3: Answer the following questions about the trends related to the American Civil War.


Which of the following is an example of a trend related to your topic?


the demise of the strategy of total warfare in the late years of the Civil War

the Union victory at Vicksburg, which proved to be a decisive turning point

the persistence of high casualties throughout the American Civil War

the increase in wartime patriotism among the South’s women

What influenced the South’s wartime social roles?


a withering pattern of agrarianism

a sparse history of sectionalism

a long trend of egalitarianism

a strong pattern of paternalism

What trend facilitated the North’s victory in the American Civil War, according to Lisa Brady?


a culture of sacrifice

well-disciplined soldiers

scorched-earth tactics

superior artillery

What trend was evident among the fighters of the Confederacy, according to Alan Farmer’s essay?


a defeatist attitude

strong martial will

poor hygiene

Union identity

Which of the following is a characteristic of a historically significant event?


A great amount of time has passed since.

A significant amount of wealth was transferred.

A large number of people were affected.

Many history books have been written about it.

Which of the following was a significant cause of the defeat of the Confederacy, according to Drew Faust?


a downward trend in military morale

a downward trend in homefront morale

an increasing trend in slave revolts

an increasing trend in civilian deaths

How do the letters of Eli Landers reflect trends in nationalistic identity?


They reveal considerable doubt about his northern identity.

They express firm belief in the cause of abolition.

They reveal considerable doubt about his southern identity.

They express firm belief in the southern cause.

Which of the following trends remained consistent throughout the war?


Both sides suffered heavy casualties.

Southern women betrayed the cause out of desperation.

The Union was driven by the cause of abolition.

Southern men pillaged Yankee villages.

How does Colonel Spiegel’s address challenge accepted ideas about the North?


It reveals a trend of disillusionment among housewives.

It betrays a lack of morale among military leaders.

It highlights a trend of material shortages in factories.

It suggests a pattern of discontent among soldiers.

According to Lisa Brady, what was the trend among Americans with regard to their relationship to the land in the nineteenth century?


They sought to commune with it.

They sought to destroy it.

They sought to sell it.

They sought to own it.

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