Assignment: Prepare and submit a white paper of approximately 6-10 pages. It should follow APA formatting and style for your citations to authority.

White Paper: White papers have become widely used in business and government. Traditionally, white papers were topic-driven, succinct explorations of an issue or problem with solutions proposed or presented. For this assignment, you are asked to draft a white paper addressing one of the following problems and proposing a solution or solutions.
Your paper should be concise and well-supported by citations to unbiased sources.
While it can have other sections, at a minimum please include the following sections in your white paper:
• Executive Summary – a summary of what your white paper is about (similar to an abstract).
• Background – a couple of paragraphs of background to set up your problem.
• Problem or Problems Presented – succinct explanation of the problem or problems addressed.
• Proposed Solution – concise proposal of solution or solutions (use subheadings here if possible).
• Conclusion – a clearly stated summary and conclusion outlining the proposed solution/course of action recommended.
• Works Cited – a complete list of all the outside authorities relied upon in your paper (use APA style).

Potential Topics:

1. The U.S. spends approximately 18% of GDP on health care. What economics-based changes could be implemented to attempt to lower this percentage?

2. Identify at least three main reasons for high healthcare costs in the United States and provide solutions to lower costs.

3. How can a healthcare organization increase its market power? Choose a healthcare organization in your area or that you would be interested in working for and analyze how that organization can gain or increase market power.

4. If you are working in the healthcare field, what behavioral economic concepts (or biases) from Chapter 18 do your organization need to be aware of? What dangers are presented? How can they be addressed?

5. Discuss the problem of adverse selection if the U.S. is committed to prohibiting insurers from refusing to insure individuals with pre-existing conditions. How can this problem be addressed?

6. Discuss the economic implications of viewing healthcare as a “right” versus viewing it as a commodity. Should healthcare be viewed by the public and politicians in the U.S. as a right or a commodity? How do we resolve this split?

7. If you are in the healthcare field, discuss the economic effects on your organization if the U.S. were to adopt a single-payer health care system.

8. Using concepts from behavioral economics, provide a proposed solution to a common health problem in the United States (alcoholism, obesity, opioid use, cancer).

9. Choose a topic of your own that presents a problem that can be addressed by using solutions employing economic concepts. If you have a problem that involves economics at work, feel free to use this. The more practical the better!

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