A multinational company with offices in Europe, Asia and America is returning to face to face working conditions and wants to introduce a vaccine passport to help guarantee the safety of their workers.

Part 1
Describe WiiG’s Hierarchy of Knowledge and explain how you can apply it to this part of the assignment
Identify the advantages and disadvantages of vaccine passports
Explain a way in which you can consult the employees about their willingness to use a vaccine passport within their company
Put forward a proposal on how to introduce the vaccine passport into the company

Part 2:
Describe Knowledge Management’s Organisational Architecture and how it applies to this part of the assignment
Identify the data and the databases you will need to set up to need to provide to employees, managers and activity organisers
Describe the user interface and how each user (employees, managers and activity organisers) will be able to access the different application functions they want to use
Disucss any ethical issues that may arise in the implementation of the vaccine passport and try to address these issues
Identify any levels of permission that will be needed to combine the privacy of the data with accessibility.

Part 3
Explain how the Balanced Scorecard can be adapted to measure the success of the implementation process behind the vaccine passport.
Identify measurable objectives for each of the four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard for the implementation of your proposal
· Wordcount: 1500-2000
· Cover, Table of Contents, Conclusion
· Font: Arial 12,5 pts.
· Text alignment: Justified.

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