Title of research:

The impact of YouTube search engine optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to incorporating web reflection into the search results of YouTube’s browser. Search engine optimization is basically a way to get online traffic to the unrestricted, organic, editorial, and natural results of searches on the YouTube platform. Search engine optimization is also a tactic used to make a website appear in the top search results of the YouTube browser.

This paper explains how you can make your YouTube page among the best listed web pages to appear on the search engine by increasing the PageRank, which in turn improves visibility and thus profit for the organization. YouTube has been the most convenient search engine for customers all over the world because it gives the user the desired results. In addition, other search engines available use the YouTube style, which is why we focus on it. Thus, once the web page is optimized for YouTube, it will be optimized for other search engines.

What makes it quantitative research?

The purpose of this quantitative study is to test exposure theory: adapting models linking YouTubers to SEO for their YouTube channels to increase productivity in subscribers, views, and interaction among several factors. The main role of this project is to optimize YouTube’s website by utilizing several search engine optimization procedures and therefore getting ranked in the top search results appearing in a search engine. The main targets of this project are as follows:

– To make a particular YouTube page in the top searches in the search engine.

– To create a diverse website that is friendly to the user.

– To expand the graphics level on the website so that I can enhance the targeted audience.

– To minimize the competition that is on the current website.

– To be able to understand the abilities and the limitations posed by the search engines.

Research Questions:

1- How do YouTube users conduct keyword research?

2- How to Optimize Video Metadata by YouTubers:

3- How to Improve User Interaction with Video, Viewer Time, and Audience Retention:

4- What are the ways to promote YouTube videos?

5- What powerful SEO tools for video do successful YouTubers have?

N/B: roughly 15pages.


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