Write 4 different essays, 2.5 pages for each essay. All under 1document for all 4 essays. Construct all 4 essays with: a descriptive title, an introduction, body, and conclusion; proofread/edit your writing for accuracy, clarity, grammar, plagiarism, etc. -Each essay should be approximately 2.5 pages each. -All 4 essays should be in a single document.


Write an essay which addresses the following themes: The African background and Africa’s importance, slavery as a system, resistance to slavery, and the state of African America, politically, culturally today and during antebellum period. How do these 13 concepts help to tell the story of how the state of African America today is informed by its African roots, its enslavement background including resistance and achievement of emancipation? The 13 concepts are: History, Rift Valley; Africanisms (in Black Culture); Bantu migration; Queen Njinga; Enslavement system characteristics; Resistance to enslavement; Crispus Attuck; Phillis Wheatley; Ethnology; D. Walker, N. Turner & W. L. Garrison; Frederick Douglas; “1850 Compromise”; John P. Parker; Kansas-Nebraska Act; Dred Scott; Prudence Crandall; “Black people’s CNN”; and Jesse Jackson.


Consider the significance of Africanisms in African American expressive culture, as explored in Giddings’ “Afrocentric Jay-Z” essay: communal, oral, spiritual, matrifocal. What is the meaning and significance of each Africanism to African American culture and history, according to Giddings; what evidence/support is given for each of the 4 Africanism; what specific examples from African culture match each of these 4 core values; are you by Giddings’ argument that African American expressive culture (i.e., hip-hop) is connected to African culture?


Consider the unique and varied forms of slavery/servitude in Africa prior to engagement with the Europeans trans-Atlantic “trade.” How was slavery in Africa different from chattel slavery as practiced specifically in the U.S.? Discuss 3 forms of enslavement as practiced in Africa, and explain how each was different from U.S. chattel slavery.


Consider/review U.S. enslavement holocaust as a four part/characteristic system. What are at least 2 examples of enslavement, characterized/described as: forced, legal, resisted and contradictory? Concerning the many ways in which the enslaved resisted bondage, what is at least one example of the following forms of resistance: day-to-day, cultural, escape, and revolt, and how effective, in your opinion, were these forms of resistance?


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