1. Label 1-5 the different stages of the cell cycle.

    2. In which phase of the cell cycle does DNA replication occur?

    3. How does the genetic information between sister chromatids differ from that inside homologous chromosomes?

    4. What is the role of the centrosome in cell division?

    5. What is the genetic relationship between a parent somatic cell and its two offspring cells?

    6. What is the relationship of a nucleotide to a nucleic acid?

    7. What is the relationship of the sequence of bases (or nucleotides) in DNA to the primary structure of proteins?

    8. How many nucleotides does it take to code for 250 amino acids in a polypeptide chain?

    9. How many amino acids could be coded for by a strand of DNA 150 nucleotides long?

    10. How might changes in the sequence of nucleotides in DNA affect protein structure?

    11. Build a complementary messenger RNA using the DNA template. Then use the mRNA to build the protein:

    DNA:                   A G G G G G C T C A C T


    amino acids:

    12. On the molecular level, what is a gene?

    13. On the molecular level, what is meant by the “universality of the genetic code”?

    14.  How is the universality of the code useful to medicine?

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