Please read “If Humble people make the best leaders, why do we fall for charismatic narcissists?” by Margarita Mayo in Harvard Business Review and answer the following 4 questions.

1. How does the article address the importance of leadership assumptions? Be sure to make explicit and meaningful ties to the course content, such as leadership assumptions (Implicit theories, Drath’s knowledge principles, & romance of leadership).

2. What are some implications of these assumptions addressed in the article? Does this fit with your experience?

3. Go back to your definition of leadership and think about your own understanding of leadership as it relates to these theories. For example, what is your prototype (ILT)? Are you high or low on romance of leadership? What knowledge principles of leadership do you usually consider? (2-3 paragraphs)

Assumptions about Leadership
Assumptions about Leadership
Leadership Theory A) Your leadership assumptions B) How does this theory challenge you?
Implicit theories of leadership
Romance of leadership
Drath’s knowledge principle

4. Have you been in a situation where different expectations of leadership created a conflict? Are you currently facing any frustrations/issues around expectations of leaders whether it be others’ expectations of your leadership or conversely, your expectations of someone’s leadership? Which assumption(s) is at play – the romance of leadership, Drath’s knowledge principles, and/or ILT?


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