1) Westley viewed police violence and secrecy as a matter of morality. How do you view police violence and secrecy? Is it a matter or morality or maybe poor selection, recruitment, training, supervision or discipline? Provide some examples from the most recent high profile cases of alleged police violence towards community members and analyze the root causes of these behaviors.
2) How does Fogelson’s work on urban riots in the late 1960s and 1970s relate to the anti-police sentiments displayed around the country in the past few years? Provide some examples in your analysis. Have we learned anything in the past 50 years?
3) What are the essential elements for achieving greater police accountability identified in your readings? Do you feel that the current internal and external mechanisms of accountability created by various police departments are sufficient? Provide at least two examples of such mechanisms.
4) Historically, what are the main objectives of punishment? In your opinion, and based what you have learned throughout the classes you took in the CJBS major, how important these main objectives appear to be in the 21st century Correctional settings?
5) What are the main findings of Clemmer’s research?
In your opinion, based on what you have learned in your CJBS major classes, are these findings still relevant today?

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