The research paper must be a minimum of 4 pages, double spaced, typed using Times New Roman, 12 pt. font and include at least 3 academic sources from peer reviewed journals, books, or newspaper articles. Your paper must include a cover page, abstract, and reference page, which is not counted towards the total page length. All citations and formatting issues must adhere to the APA, 6th edition standards.

You can access relevant journals using the online library research database located at
Topic: Explain the general principles of the cause, manner and mechanism of death and then select one medico-legal issue listed below and describe how the cause, manner, and mechanism of death could be affected by the circumstances.
• Blunt Force Injury
• Sharp Force Injury
• Injury by Gunfire
• Thermal Injuries
• Asphyxia
• Drowning
• Electrical and Lightning

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