Group: Political Violence
Background: On January 6, 2021, a group of former President Trump’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building, successfully overtaking the most visible hub of democracy. Many were shocked, wondering how the president’s MAGA rally could produce deadly violence. The truth is that political violence in America is becoming remarkably common and many expect it to get worse before it gets better. But few of us have asked why political violence is becoming so common.
Objective(s): The main objective is to engage in an open discussion about the causes of radicalized violence in America. Why are individuals becoming radicalized? What should we do about this threat? NOTE: Once you have done the requirements, feel free to discuss any parts of this issue.
Instructions: This is a three-part assignment. You should do the following things:

1. BACKGROUND: First, watch the following videos. Be sure to take note of the various causes of economic inequality and the statistics/arguments on how to deal with the issue:
a. Video 1:
b. Video 2:
c. Video 3:

2. Post #1 (10 points): In 250 words or more, discuss the following:
a. Video 1 and Video 2 discuss the root cause of domestic terror, the radicalization of the individual. This is explained for both a person on the right (Video 1) and on the left (Video 2). In your view, what are the biggest contributing factors to radicalization? Who seems more likely to be radicalized, an individual and the right or the left? Make an argument using details from the video.
b. Video 3 discusses the most notorious hub of domestic terrorism, white nationalism and white supremacy groups. It makes specific arguments as to what has led to the spike in membership and activity of these groups. Why do you think white supremacy groups have increased in number? Why is American society so fertile for this type of radicalization right now? Building on your response, what should be done about this issue? Feel free to bring in another source to help make your case.


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