You need an explanation as to why you answered yes or no to the questions. Our company has 4 databases. The manager asks you to revise the backup policies and to propose a new backup policy for each of them.  Propose what kind of backup would be appropriate

  1. Db1 Size 750 Gb size. It is being updated and accessed all the time. The kind of information is critical; containing sensitive data such as salaries and confidential information of the company. Cannot afford to lose any data
  2. Db2 Size 900 Gb It is being updated and accessed all the time. Contains the blog of the final users. The info is not critical. It is allowed to lose some information
  3. Db3 size 200 Mb . Non critical information

Write a post of no less than 100 words about the main differences between Analytical , Operational, SQL and Non SQL Databases, talks about pros and cons and when its appropriate to use each. Do some research online and leave a link at the end of the post. (The link you used for your research about this topic).

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