Consider the following scenario:
You have just been hired as a new medical coding instructor at Hemingway College. Your program director at the college has asked you to fill in for the Introduction to ICD-10-PCS instructor. He informs you that the topic you will be teaching the students in that session is ICD-10-PCS structure, format, and table conventions. He adds that the specific session that you will be teaching must cover the following information:
Explain at least two coding guidelines related to ICD-10-PCS coding. One guideline must involve root operations.
Differentiate between composite terms and root operations in a manner that your students will understand.
Choose and discuss four of the root operations; provide an explanation of each of your selected root operations.
List and explain the purpose of each of the appendices in the Buck’s ICD-10-PCS codebook.
Discuss how each appendix can be used to assist in the coding process.
For this assignment, you are tasked with creating a presentation in PowerPoint that you will use to teach the students the information listed above.

Your presentation must include a minimum of eight slides of content, not counting title and references pages. Include speaker’s notes to expand on and explain your slide content

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