The summary paragraph should be 100-150 words.
Begin the paragraph with a topic sentence that includes the title of the selection, the author(s), and the overall message. Here are examples:
Sara Hansen discusses the importance of proper hand hygiene in the article “All Washed Up?” or
In “How Dual-Earner Couples Cope,” Diane E. Papalia and Sally Wendkos Olds describe the different types of dual-income households and examine their effects on family members.
Include the major details used to support the author’s point.

The second paragraph should be your reaction to the reading. The reaction paragraph should be 150-200 words. If you have trouble writing your response, you may consider these questions:
How have attitudes toward people with different learning abilities changed since Worthington’s father’s time?
In your opinion, is illiteracy still a major problem in the United States? Provide evidence for your response.
Reflect on how Worthington closes the story. Discuss the connection between the title and the ending.
Worthing describes his father as a “great man.” Discuss, using evidence from the story.
Discuss a time when you tried to learn how to do something new; whether you failed or succeeded, how did you feel?
Imagine a day in your life if you did not know how to read and write. What obstacles would you encounter (at work, with friends, etc), and how would you try to overcome the obstacles?

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