Registered Nurse
In this assignment, you will create a presentation that reflects on your proposed problem of interest and explains the purpose of a literature review as it relates to this problem.
Step 1: Reflect on your proposed problem of interest.
Critically think about your research question or problem of interest.
Step 2: Consider the following questions:
What is the purpose of conducting a literature review?
What are the steps a nurse researcher would take to conduct a literature review?
What would be the primary and secondary questions regarding the research question or problem of interest?
Consider the importance of including sources with a variety of results when identifying sources pertaining to your proposed problem of interest.
Step 3: Consider who your audience might be if you were to deliver your presentation in person.
What would you want them to know about this topic?
What would you expect them to already know?
Step 4: Create a seven- to ten-slide presentation that summarizes the purpose of a literature review.
Explain the steps in conducting a literature review. In your presentation, describe how you would approach conducting a literature review pertaining to your problem of interest. Identify one primary question and one secondary question regarding the problem of interest.
Step 5: Review your presentation.
Ensure that you are using best practices for formatting slides.
Include a title screen and summary screen.
Avoid making slides too text heavy or dense with text. As a guideline, limit text on each slide to five bullet points of six words each.
If using graphics, be sure that they are professional, reinforce your points, and are not used merely for decoration.
Be sure to add what you would say if delivering the presentation to a live audience in the notes section of each slide.
Cite any sources in APA format.


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