Healthy Dynamics is a corporate wellness company that provides a broad range of wellness services for clients seeking to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. One of the clients of Healthy Dynamics is not happy with their employee wellness program participation rates. Healthy Dynamics is not meeting the contract requirements of 60% engagement, resulting in lost revenue for the company and no return on investment (ROI) for the client. According to the contractual agreement, Healthy Dynamics must pay back the client $200,000,000 if the annual participation percentage is not met. Currently the client’s wellness program includes financial incentives for the employees if they complete the following wellness offerings (health assessment, biometric screening, and telephonic health coaching). The Healthy Dynamics CEO is now foreseeing a need to offer other healthcare services. The CEO has asked the Account Manager to create a business plan focused on increasing revenue and identifying risk that might negatively impact their continued relationship with the client. The Account Manager has tasked you, the Strategic Planning Manager, with preparing an internal memo to present to the CEO and to communicate to your internal team what you are envisioning as a desired future focus area to increase the bottom line for Healthy Dynamics and improve current and future client satisfaction rates.

Develop an internal memorandum that includes:
A detailed description defining the differences between business planning and strategic planning in healthcare.
Identify a specific focus area in the healthcare industry that could increase revenue.
Create key questions that you will need to address in the development of your strategic plan for your focus area.
Create a workflow analysis flow chart that includes:
A list of healthcare leadership team members (e.g., CEO, Strategic Planning Manager, Account Manager, Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Financial Analyst, etc.,)
A comprehensive analysis of each team member’s roles and responsibilities in the development of the strategic plan.
Your assignment should include a title page, a reference page, and a minimum of three scholarly sources

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