Imagine you’ve been selected to present at a local event about health care services provided to your community.
Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation that discusses health care providers, services, and usage.

Part 1: Health Care Services
Select 3 health care services from the list below:
Preventive care or public health
Ambulatory or primary care
Subacute or long-term care
Acute care
Auxiliary services
Rehabilitative services
End-of-life care
Mental health services
Emergency management or disaster preparedness
Dental services
Military and veteran services
Indian health services
Complete the following in your presentation:
Identify the selected health care service providers.
Describe the health care needs of the populations served by these providers.
Identify 3 services or products they provide to help with the quality of care.

Part 2: Consumer Access
Many factors can influence the access to and usage of health care services, such as:
Services offered
Describe how these factors can affect the usage of the health care services you covered in Part 1.
Include detailed speaker notes of at least 50 words per slide.
Cite any references to support your assignment.
Format your presentation according to APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment.
Power Point Slides – Suggested approach (however – all Power Point presentations require – Title slide, introduction slide, conclusion slide, and References slide).

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