For this assignment, you will select a topic on ethical practices in human services. This is the topic for which you will develop a professional training seminar for staff members in an organization or local community for the final project assignment. Your topic must address a specific ethical issue in human services that is present in organizational operations and delivery of clinical or community services.

For this assignment, select a topic from this list of possible topics:
Duty to warn, confidentiality, and malpractice liability.
Clinical or organizational research and counseling or organizational relationships—confidentiality and informed consent.
Boundaries and the ethical use of power.
Efficacy of treatment and assessing outcomes.
Multicultural competence—ethical practice in an increasingly diverse world.
Confidentiality and implications of HIPAA and managed care in human services.
Multiple or dual relationships in human services professional practice.
Ethical practice working in collaboration with multiple agencies and organizations.
Ethical challenges working with groups, couples, families, or communities.
Competence and the ethics of self-care.

Once you have selected a topic, select the professional code of ethics (for example, the ethics code of the National Organization for Human Services, American Counseling Association, or the National Association of Social Workers) that you will use as your basis for analyzing the ethical issues involved.
In your assignment submission, include the following:
In a paragraph format, the topic you selected and a discussion of the ethical issues involved.
The ethical code you have selected to use and a discussion of the specific elements of that code of ethics that relate to your topic.
Three current empirical research articles (no more than five years old) addressing the selected topic and the ethical issues related to your selected code of ethics. Be sure that sufficient scholarly research exists before submitting your project topic. Cite and summarize each article, and indicate how it relates to your selected topic and ethical code.

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