● Identify a personal value you feel strongly about (such as “paying one’s bills is very important.”).
● Describe how your views about personal strengths and weaknesses (in oneself and others) influence your belief about this personal value.
● Describe how this personal value may negatively affect the cultivation of rapport and relationship development with a client.
● Using NASW’s Code of Ethics, identify at least two (2) specific interventions that can be used in a positive response to any disturbing experiences you might feel so that they do not negatively affect the cultivation of rapport and relationship development with your client.
● Describe the benefits of developing the skill of self-awareness as a social worker.
● Describe the risks of developing self-awareness in the practice of social work.
● Describe a plan for how you will continue developing your social work self-awareness skills.

Purpose Cultivation of self-awareness is an essential skill to one’s professional growth and the process of becoming a competent Social Worker. It requires dedication and commitment to an on-going practice of mindful, non-judgmental attention to what is happening inside of us with our thoughts, emotions, and physical body sensations as we interact with others.

The importance of self-awareness in Social Work practice is emphasized in Standard 2–Self-Awareness of the NASW Standards for Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice.In order to practice ethical and culturally competent social work practice, we must recognize our backgrounds, identities, and status. This process will enable us to be aware of the impact we have in our practice with diverse clients.

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