You are to write an opinion essay/paper based on the topic below. The writeup should be no more than 2 pages long and will need to address the prompts provided.

Topic: How data was/is used – Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data scandal

You are to do an online research and learn about what happened around 2013-2016 with the company Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. More importantly, what these two companies have done with the data they were able to acquire, capture, and utilize it for what purpose. From your learning, you are to write an essay to address the prompts below.
You should start with this page which will provide you the basis for your subsequent online research of what transpired.

1) Discuss what Facebook and Cambridge Analystica do that was such a big deal?

2) Describe how you feel about how they used the data they’ve gathered the way they did.

3) What is your view of companies collecting and gathering data of people now that you learned the power of data?

4) What is your opinion on how companies, society, and government should start thinking/doing about how data should be treated or used?

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