Sometimes there is a conflict between what we believe, personal ethics, and what the law allows legally that we may not agree with. Abortion and the right to death with dignity are a couple of examples.

Develop a Plan for separation of Personal and Professional Ethics based on the scenario presented by answering the four questions. Prepare on a word document and upload the file.

Your assignment should be 3-4 paragraphs in length. Check for spelling and grammar. You MUST provide a reference for ALL work cited. If references and the reference page are missing, the assignment will result in a zero.

KEY INFORMATION: Patient is requesting information regarding assisted death in Oregon.

Question 1. Search Oregon’s state statue on assisted death, determine the steps to make it legal.

Question 2. Answer ethics check questions in the text and determine how you might assist this patient.
-Is it legal?
-Is it Balanced?
-How will it make me feel about myself?

Questions 3.
-If you can participate, how will you proceed? –
-If you cannot participate, explain how you will proceed?

Question 4. Record this process and the decision you made to be true to yourself, therapeutic to the patient, and professional in all aspects of your employment. (This is a KEY QUESTION How you ARE true to yourself, THERAPEUTIC to the patient, and PROFESSIONAL in all aspects of your employment.)

You are being asked for information only for the patient, not to participate in the assisted death (way beyond a medical assistant’s scope of practice).

The purpose of the assignment is to SEPARATE Personal and Professional Ethics. You have to put your views aside to assist the patient.

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