Provide each discussion with title and references after each discussion and AFTER The references on the assignment. The title of the assignment needs to be the Running head and title of assignment.
The Kind of Behavior I Will Promote and the Rules That Support It
Discussion 1
According to Morrish, the blame for the ever-growing problem of discipline in schools rests at least in part on popular discipline theories, which he believes have gone to excess in allowing students to make choices concerning how they will conduct themselves in school. What are your thoughts about Morrish’s ideas?
Discussion 2
Folk wisdom in teaching suggests the old adage, “Don’t smile until Christmas.” What do you think the Wongs would say in response to this recommendation
Assignment 3
The Kind of Behavior I Will Promote and the Rules That Support It (250 – 250 words per bullet point) 40 pts
What behaviors, generally speaking, will I promote in my classes?
What specific rules (5 – 10) will I use to guide student behavior?
What procedures (routines) do I want to use to manage the complexity of the school day? State the situation and then how students will complete this procedure.

Specific Format for each topic: Write bulleted questions in bold print. Each bullet point indicates a new paragraph. Write the rest of the paragraph in regular print.

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