Title: Comparative case study of the common computer OSs – the Windows, the Mac and the Linux/Unix

You are required to analyse and compare among the 3 families of operating systems in term of the following criteria:

1- Operating systems kernels: Compare the organisational differences
2- File systems: Compare the permissions models
3- Process management: Compare the differences in process management algorithms

4- Memory management: Compare differences in memory allocation algorithms

5-Security: Compare the security available in operating systems and identify which is most secure.

Your report should be at least 10 pages (more are OK) single spaced and must articulate the pros and cons of each operating system with respect to the other. The content should be subdivided into sections based on the criteria being compared (i.e. a new page for each criteria). Images and tables may be included in your explanation but should not constitute more than 1 page of your report.

General suggestion on format of your reports:

  1. 1) Cover page – stating name, ID, majoring
  2. 2) Introduction – stating all the OSs for comparison
  3. 3) Criteria 1
  4. 4) Criteria 2
  5. 5) Criteria 3
  6. 6) Criteria 4
  7. 7) Criteria 5
  8. 8) Conclusion (A table comparing all the discussed OSs) – should be able to answer the question “Which OS should I choose for my computer?”
  9. 9) Brief Reference/Bibliography

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