Imagine you have been appointed an Assistant Marketing Consultant. As part of your role, you have been asked to research the Fast Food and Takeaway industry and produce a Market Analysis report.

The primary activities of the industry include: cooked chicken retailing, pizza retailing, hamburger retailing, fish and chips retailing, sandwich retailing, sushi retailing, ice cream retailing, juice bar operations and mobile food vans (Oo, 2021).
In 2020-21, the fast food and takeaway industry in Australia generated $20.6BN in revenue. Unlike many other industries, the effects of COVID-19 were mild. Nevertheless, consumer health awareness and an influx of new players has transformed the industry over the last couple of years, and continues to do so.

As a marketing consultant, your task is to analyse the industry’s macro-environment and critique the segments that exist. Use for the following, you will recommend (with justification) one or more segments that would be attractive for industry players to focus on in the future, to remain successful.
Prepare a 500-word minimum work (excluding title page and references) that addresses the following:
Explain the principle of production leveling and its positive impact on lean processes.
Production leveling leads to understanding customer demand. Define the three characteristics that impact customer demand (volume, mix, and variation). Detail how these characteristics are utilized in your organization use
Identify and explain the three types of pull systems in a lean environment. Why is this principle so important for lean applications?

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