Answer the following questions in your own words. You get points for this activity by simply doing your best. Answer each question thoroughly – at least 3 sentences or more.
1] Gottman says, ” You can become a collector of emotional moments by consciously looking for opportunities to connect with others”. What does he mean by this and why should we do this?
2] What is a harsh set-up and what is a soft start-up to a conversation? Gottman would say we should do __________ because _____________.
3] What is the difference between a harmful criticism and a helpful complaint? Write a harsh criticism and then change it to a helpful complaint.
4] What is emotional flooding? What can we do if we become flooded to help?
5] Think about the last time you were really upset with a friend or family member.
A. What was the argument/upset about – actual fight about trash being taken out, dishes being done, etc?
B. Now think about why you were upset. What were your / your friends/family member’s needs? Pick 2-3 words to show real needs.
C. How do you think you can have had that conversation better with knowing the needs?
6] What does Gottman mean when he says we sometimes avoid a conversation we need to have? What are the results of not having the conversation? What can we do instead of avoiding?

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