To complete this assignment, you will be provided with an enquiry based learning (EBL) scenario

To complete this assignment, you will be provided with an enquiry based learning (EBL) scenario
The scenario will provide you with the details and situation with regard to a client who is entering secondary mental health care.
You will be expected to discuss the process of applying the mental health Act, the assessment and treatment pathway that the service user will most likely be exposed too, consider what treatment and care the service user is likely to receive.
Identify the mental health nurse’s role and the impact the diagnosis and subsequent reality of having a major mental illness will have on the service user and their family.
Your essay will need an introduction that tells the reader what the key themes are in the essay and a conclusion that draws all the sections together that identifies what you consider to be the most important points of the essay.
You will need to support your work with appropriate reference to the current literature and your work should utilise the Harvard referencing system in line with University protocols.
NPR 1018
EBL scenario
Paul Jones is 18 years old and lives at home with his mum and dad, he has no siblings and is currently doing his A levels at a local School.
Paul was found wandering the street by a local police officer, Paul is in a distressed state and claims to be hearing voices. He is taken to a place of safety under section 136 of the Mental Health Act.
Paul has a Mental Health Act assessment, the outcome of which, is that he is to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act (1983 amended 2007) and is to be admitted to the local acute unit.
He has not had any contact with mental health services before and is suspected of having a first episode psychosis.
Describe the role of a police officer in the application of section 136 then describe who would be involved and what they would do in the assessment and application of the mental health act and decide which section of the mental health act should be applied to Paul, briefly justify your choice of section. (300 words approx.)
Once Paul is admitted to the Acute unit discuss what you would expect his care and treatment to be from a Bio-Psycho- Social perspective and identify the mental health nurse’s role in his care whilst on the ward. (300 words approx.)
Once Pauls acute Symptom have been managed to a point where discharge can happen discuss which mental health team would provide his post discharge care and justify your decision of service provider. Detail what his ongoing treatment is likely to be from the service you have identified. (300 words approx.)
Finally discuss the impact that having a psychotic illness is likely to have on Paul and his family and identify areas where a mental health nurse can help Paul and his family. (300 words approx.)Learning outcomes for the assignment:
Knowledge and Understanding
a.Discuss the concepts of mental health and mental distress from a bio-psycho-social perspective;
b.Examine the manifestations of mental illnesses and their impact on service users/families/carers;
c.Explore evidence-based medical and non-medical interventions in relation to current professional and policy initiatives.

Subject specific skills
d.Identify the key components of mental health services in the UK;
e.Discuss legal and ethical considerations of mental health care;
f.Apply a range of foundational studies to the care of individuals with mental health problems.

Key Skills
g.Discuss the impact of ethical and legal implications on the management of care;
h.Work within a multi-agency and in a collaborative manner in the delivery of services.

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