Evidence Based Practice Assignment

Students will divide in groups of 5 students and will design and create an evidence-based practice project paper and poster. APA format is required._x000D_
The Poster will be presented on 07/31/17 and the Final Paper is due 08/07/17._x000D_
1. Identify a clinical problem in your nursing specialty and provide a rationale for the selection of this problem (include statistics, relevance for nursing, gap in the literature, etc.)_x000D_

2. Create a research question that is clearly stated. The question should be related to the problem identified in nursing.

3. Define the question using PICO format:_x000D_
• P: Patient/Problem_x000D_
• I: Intervention_x000D_
• C: Comparison_x000D_
• O: Outcome_x000D_
4. PICO Search: Provide the following information about the article selection including_x000D_
– List at least 3 databases that you will use for your search._x000D_
-Include at least 5 search terms_x000D_
– Include at least 3 inclusion/exclusion criteria_x000D_
– Number and type of articles selected from your search_x000D_

– Attach a picture in the wiki that shows the results that you get from each database utilized (web address or picture of the search).

5. Summary of the search results: Select 10 to 15 articles with the strongest levels of evidence from your search and provide a detailed comparison and contrast of findings. Add a table that summarizes your results. The comparison should be focus on the findings. Study limitations that might have led to different findings are discussed. Gaps and controversies that exist are clearly discussed._x000D_
6. Implications for nursing practice: What are the implications of your findings for clinical practice? Can you apply the evidence in caring for your patients? If so, how? Use an EBP framework to describe. If not, what future research is needed? Design a new study that could be used to provide additional evidence to answer your question_x000D_

7. Contribution to the field: Explain how the results make a significant contribution to the field of study. Describe if the results add new information that enhances the overall understanding of the problem, object, or subject that is being investigated.

Paper requirements: For this assignment you are asked to complete the steps outlined above. The paper should be between 10 and 15 pages, doubled-spaced and using APA format._x000D_
1. Abstract: Summarize your EBP Project in no more than 250 words_x000D_
2. PICO question_x000D_
3. Summary of PICO Search Results. Identify and compare, contrast and/or connect the findings of the articles you have selected. Provide a summary table of the studies (see below)._x000D_
Author (year) and country_x000D_
Study Design_x000D_
Sample size and site_x000D_

Implications for Nursing

4. Implications for nursing practice. Describe the impact of the findings in nursing and in your clinical practice._x000D_
5. Contribution to the field_x000D_
6. APA format: Information is cited properly and in APA format. Font, spacing, and APA format are correct._x000D_
7. Length and grammar: The length of the assignment should be between 10-15 pages._x000D_
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