Discuss the extent and impact this issue has on nursing practice in rural Australia

You are to write an essay about a current and contemporary issue and how it impacts on nursing practice in rural Australian. You are encouraged to access the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website to identify current and contemporary issues and choose one of the following topics:_x000D_
• A child health issue associated with a primary school aged child between 8-12 years._x000D_
In your essay you should:_x000D_
• Discuss the extent and impact this issue has on nursing practice in rural Australia._x000D_
• Identify and explain the SDoH, pertinent legal, ethical and cultural aspects of the issue which relate to your chosen topic and relate them to PHC and the nurses’ role, responsibilities and governing legislation in Australia._x000D_
The assessment is to be presented in correct essay style with no sub headings or use of dot points and adhering to APA referencing style._x000D_
Identify and explain effects of legislation governing nursing practice in the care of children, adolescents and families_x000D_
Recognise and articulate the impact and role of health promotion, health education, primary health and partnership care models_x000D_
Critically analyse epidemiological and health information, and research that impacts on the health of families and communities_x000D_
Provide comprehensive, safe and effective evidence-based nursing care for children, adolescents and families ._x000D_
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