Paper Instructions:

Something about the Jews coming to that country and their history. (short)

What the community was like during the colonial period. It begins for example, in Morocco is 1912; Tunisia late 19th cebtury; Algeria, 1830, Libya 1911, Egypt 1882, etc.). Their involvement in civic life, Zionism, etc. anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism; A comment about urban/rural Jewish populations (eg. Morocco—Atlas mts=rural/Casblanca=urban; Iraq—Kurds=rural/Baghdad=urban) .

I want a taste not a thesis. It is to get your feet wet.

Comments on how Europeanization (modernity) affected them? especially religiously? The foreign powers are different. eg. Iraq–English; Syria — French; Libya–Italian. Thus, depending on the country you chose, we will hear differences (eg. speaking French with French education) and the use of Arabic. (Iran=Farsi).

What happened in 1948—when State of Israel was created—impact on country and the Jewish population.

What were waves of migration leaving country.

Where did they go —Israel/other? what numbers.

Most of the answers to these questions can be found by searching the internet. I just want some overview—-as I said above, getting your feet wet.

You are NOT going into the weeds but I am getting a GPS on your direction. And most importantly, I get to see how you are beginning to dig the soil.


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